Live Music Performance and the Art of 3D Printing

I chose my two board topics based on personal interest on topics that I did not know much about. 3D printing is a brand new development that has created so many new advancements and opportunities that I was eager to learn more about the topic. Live music performance, on the other hand, is a concept I am more familiar to, as I have gone to many different live music events. It’s interesting for me to research a topic so familiar, but to also learn and understand a lot more of the technology and media that goes into the full development.

3D printing has evolved rapidly throughout the past two decades and has become a huge business. It’s hard to understand how such an easy concept of printing can create anything from a car, to a house, or even a human kidney.  It has become a technology that I believe we will be dependent on in the future. The endless amounts of materials used to print allow a dependable functionality to a major material source problem.


For almost five years now, I have immersed myself in the live music experience that makes up Coachella Valley Music and Art festival. Live music is a powerful modem in which I have enjoyed interacting myself with. The technical changes that live shows have undergone range from visual displays to state of the art speaker systems that reach as high as a two-story building. These advancements that live performance has made is able to uniquely interact the audience in a way that hasn’t been done before. Words appearing on the screens facing the audience, as well as mobile phone devices all contribute to ways in which the audience can immerse itself into the full live audiovisual performance.

With these boards, I was hoping to accomplish a series of reasons and facts of how new media, in its multiple technological forms, have affected the mass on a positive large scale. 3D printing, creating new innovative ways to create just about anything, and live music performances, creating interactive musical experiences for not only concert attendees, but also willing viewers from around the world.  I found content about live music through personal use and experience, such as the LISNR application, which I was able to use live at the Swedish House Mafia concert. Content for 3D printing is a more difficult task, due to the fact that its such a modern innovation.

Pinterest seems like a popular source due to the appeal that you can have everything you like on the web to be in one central location. I like Pinterest for the organization of it. The simplicity of the site is also comforting, however I would have liked for the site to allow more default layouts, thus customizing the way in which you receive your information. Pinterest’s pin and repin method allows users to constantly circulate information of their choosing. This custom interaction introduces the users to explore and expose their interests.